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Many have asked me why researching my family tree has become such a personal passion. Simply stated, my quest is not unlike that of other self-appointed family historians who develop an unquenchable desire to learn more of their origins, but this effort was not mine alone. Over the years many family members have helped in collecting and preserving materials used on this site. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of them for their guidance and historical contributions.

How did our common origins play a role in our individual lives? In just one generation removed from farmers, we've achieved truly remarkable things. From the fertile soils of the townland of Ballykelly, situated on the border of County Louth and County Monaghan, we have diversified and produced leaders in business, medicine, education, law, aviation and other professions.

For those of us that live in the United States, there is truly something special about returning to the ole' house in Ballykelly ... looking over the lane and fields, smelling the air and having it fill your lungs, wandering a Ballykelly road and having someone you've never met... quietly size you up...and then declare with uncanny accuracy your family roots.

Whether you are able to smell the air of Ballykelly in person or not, the scent of our common heritage is now just a few clicks away. Such is the basis for my desire to launch this modern day broadcast; and record our collective travels, triumphs and tragedies on the electronic highway.

So please join with me in our journey of genealogical history, and help add to the materials and information. I invite your comments and historical contributions. I especially encourage you to share our common story with your children, and grandchildren, and allow them an opportunity to know the continuum journey of our heritage...for they are now the custodians. Although our personal lives have taken us in many directions, we can now exploit the technology of the internet.....and always come home again, and again.

Who'd of ever thought that Ballykelly would have its very own website?  Enjoy.

Is mise le meas,  

Brian J. Duffy   
Kentucky, USA

"I borrowed from all, without any exception.
I am sewn between ancestry and posterity.
I am a drop of water in a flowing river of time; a molecule in a
mountain; a cell in a great family tree."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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